CBD for cancer in dogs

CBD is one of the many compounds known as cannabinoids that are found in cannabis plant. Oils that contain concentrations of CBD are known as CBD oils. Benefits of Cannabis oil for dogsIt can be used to treat issues like;1 Seizures in dogs2 Stress3 Anthritis4 Back pain5 It helps to curb gastro Intestinal symptoms such as vomitting and nausea.6 It helps dogs to gain back their apetite.7 It helps to fight the growth and spread of cancer cells.8 It help to deal with inflammation and pain. How Cannabis oil is Administered to dogs It is usually done orally through the mouth.Apart from oral administratio it can also be combined with other traditional drugs since research shows that it comes along with many other benefits.Dogs should be given the correct dosage at all times to achieve great benefits.The traditional method of treatment is carried out by radiation,surgery,chemotherapy or they can also be combined.Chemotherapy has effects including;1 Castro intestinal symptoms such as vomiting,diarrhea and loss of appetite.2 Minor hair loss in some breeds of dogs such as sheep dog,puli and Lhasa.3 Skin irritation such as swelling and inflammation.4 Nerve pain commonly known as Neuropathic pain. CancerCancer is the abnormal growth of cells in various parts of the body.The cells grow in such a way that is difficult to control,they begin to destroy tissues of the body hence make it difficult for the body to function properly.It is therefore important to note that cancer is not just a single disease but a combination of many other diseases that affect the body. Cancers that mostly affect dogs 1 Skin cancers that mostly affect dogs.2 Breast cancer that affect the mamary glands of female dogs.3 Head and necks cancer- they suffer from tumors in the neck and nose and also mouth cancers.4 Lymphoma- it is a type of cancer that affects the lymph nodes and in this case they tend to grow abnormally and spread to to other parts of the body very fast.5 Some dogs also suffer from cancer of the testicles.6 Abdominal tumors-the common symptoms of this type of this type of cancer is abdominal swelling and loss of weight.7 Cancers of the bones which mostly affects dogs of over seven years old and the common signs of this type of cancer are swelling,lameness and chronic pain. Places to get cannabis oil by pet owners for their dogs . The best place to find cannabis oil for CBD for cancer in dogs depends on where you stay and marijuana laws offered by your country.In California for one to purchase cannabis oil legally you have to have a canbabis card.Pet parents are advised to seek information from veterinarian first before buying cannabis oil from dispensaries using their cannabis card.For those parents who live in places where marijuana is not present they can decide to purchase hemp products which have low content of THC. Potential risk of cannabis oil for pests Pet parents are warned about overdosing since it may bring effects on the dog and by such doing the dog may face difficulties when eating or when standing.If pet parents suspect an overdose they should seek advise from veterinarians without delay.